Friday, February 17, 2012


The first time Trenton had to have his platelets checked was on December 20, 2008. He had 10,000 platelets. Over the next year, he would dip to as low as they count (3,000). His little bruised body, huge blood blisters and that stupid blue helmet will forever be engrained in my memory.

But today the doctor came back and said "let's play the guess the number game!" That's always a good sign, you don't play games to say your kid is sick. I guessed 90,000 knowing he's been doing well. Nope, 200,000. I almost fell out of my chair. He sent us off with a word I've been praying to hear; cured.

He may still dip down over the next couple years, but we no longer have to go to the dreaded 7th floor of Children's Hospital. I can let him ride his bike and get a bunk bed and not worry, well, quite as much.

As we walk away (hopefully for the final time), I still see other kiddos with way worse illnesses and pray that they all get to hear that magical word too someday. I thank God that I never had to face what those parents are facing and that Trenton has always felt pretty good. He's oblivious as to why we're so happy, and that's ok. He's just looking forward to that bunk bed.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The long version

Many people have heard the very exciting story about how our beautiful boys came into this world. It was probably in passing or details may have changed in translation. So, if you care, here's how it all went down:

On Wednesday, August 17, I started to have contractions in the afternoon. Since I'd had a few false alarms before, I was skeptical, but warned Tyler who was working in Colorado Springs. As the afternoon progressed, I knew these were the real deal and by then my wonderful father-in-law was already on his way to relieve Tyler so he could come home. I also had my mom on her way over to hang with Trenton. When Tyler got home, off we go to St. Joe's! I was definitely feeling the contractions at this point, and needed to breathe my way through them. We arrive at the hospital and they go through the routine of setting up monitors, etc. They find that I'm only 2cm dilated, so send me to walk the halls and we are told to be back in two hours to be checked again. Well, we cheated and walked across the street so Tyler could get something to eat. I was so uncomfortable at this point and so ready to meet my boys!

So, two hours later, we are back in our triage room to be checked again. Still only 2cm dilated. So the doctor informs me they are sending me home. I start to lose it. How in the world are they sending me home?! She tries to be sweet and says it's hard to tell when you are in labor when it's your first. Which I strongly reply with "this isn't my first!" I somehow manage to tell her that I just have no idea when I'm supposed to come back when I'm having contractions every 3-5 minutes and they are sending me home. I will never forget, she says "when you are screaming and holding the side of the bed in pain, that's when you come back." Wow. The nurse made the mistake earlier of telling us how busy they were that night. We really feel that this had a lot to do with their decision. The nurse also told me she could tell I wasn't in active labor because I was laughing and smiling when I came in. Note to pregnant women: be a bit*#! and they will let you stay!

So, we leave the hospital at about 9:30pm and we go to my folk's house and pick up Trenton. I continue to cry. We get home, get Trenton settled and try to sleep. Tyler is able to knock out, but I continue to have contractions and can't even stand to lie down. I don't want to get too detailed, but probably around midnight I lose my mucus plug. I call the nurse at the hospital (which I could tell they didn't care for) and tell her. She says that's ok and ask if I'm resting in between contractions. If I could have reached through the phone and slapped her, I would have. In inform her, no, I couldn't possibly relax at this point. She says to try and pretty much hangs up.

Around 1:45 I am definitely in the "holding the side of the bed" kind of pain, so I wake up Tyler. He stumbles around for a minute trying to get his bearings and I inform him we need to leave ASAP. He calls my dad and says to meet us at the hospital and we'll hand Trenton over there as we don't think we have time to stop at their house. Dad and mom head to St. Joe's.

I have been going to the bathroom probably every 5 minutes, and the final time I just can't believe the pain and pressure I have, so I feel "down there." To my horror, I feel what I believe to be a head. Holy crap. I tell Tyler and he starts to try and get ready faster and I say (of course calmly as ever), "nope, call 911!" He does and the dispatcher tells him to check me out and to HIS horror, he says he can see a head right there. She instructs him to keep his hand in position to try and keep the baby in until the paramedics get there, which he does. I feel the strongest urge to push and can't. Let me just tell you, that hurts. Somehow Tyler has managed to get the dog outside and open the front door, so the firemen don't have to beat it down.

I think it was about 2 minutes into the 911 call that Tyler is screaming "when are they going to get here?!" I somehow managed to laugh and tell him to give them a minute, they don't have jets. At one point, Trenton wakes up to pee. I try to be as calm as I can, and Tyler strongly instructs him to go right back to bed, which he does. He goes right back to sleep (thank goodness). I think the paramedics took about 8 minutes to arrive. About 5 guys are in the room doing various things as I'm spread out on the bed screaming into pillows. Lovely sight I'm sure. They told us later they try to see if they can race me to the hospital, but quickly realize we don't have time. They put me in position and Mike (the main guy doing the actual delivery) says I can go ahead and push with the next contraction which I'm so excited to be able to do. With that push, Justin promptly arrives on scene. That was about 4 minutes after they arrived at 2:18am. Tyler "technically" cuts the cord but needs Mike to actually push his hands down. He holds our beautiful hairy baby and we are in complete shock. He is healthy and doing well, but barely makes a peep and just stares into Tyler's eyes.

At one point we realize we forget to tell my parents that we aren't headed to the hospital so Tyler calls my dad and can only manage to get out, "we already have one baby, come to the house!" I'm not going to say how quickly my dad drove from downtown to our house because I don't want to incriminate him.

We also realize we need help with Trenton, who did come out again at one point and chat with one of the paramedics. My lovely neighbor heard the firetruck and ambulances pull up, and knowing I was close to my due date, got dressed in case she was needed. One of the paramedics ran to get her and she kindly sat in Trenton's bed and snuggled him. She said he was a little weirded out, but doing fine.

I feel a ton better after pushing Justin out, but the next contraction comes quick. I push one more time and our Brayden is born at 2:22. Again, very quiet but doing well. They freaked us out how quiet they were, but maybe they knew they better cooperate after putting us through all this. Tyler had handed Justin off to another paramedic to help me, but wasn't able to cut Brayden's cord. Actually, the paramedic couldn't even find his scissors so just whipped out his knife to cut it.

Tyler and I are just in complete shock and just keep giving each other this look like "did this really just happen?" The guys get me downstairs and onto a stretcher and both boys and I are put into the ambulance. Tyler decides he'll follow behind us and meet us there.

I'm actually feeling great at this point and in good spirits. The boys are doing beautifully and we are off to Parker Hospital. I joke with the paramedics on the way about everything and the fact that they are excited to have two babies because they never get to hold one!

Shortly after the ambulances pull away, my parents arrive. They have no idea what's happening, if Tyler had to deliver the boys, etc. Tyler just collapses into my dad's arm from all the emotions. They come inside to what I'm sure looks like a murder scene and are filled in the events of the evening. My dad drives Tyler to the hospital (again, I won't tell you how quickly, but they may have beat the ambulance) and my wonderful mother and neighbor proceed to start to clean up the disaster that is our bedroom.

We all arrive to the hospital and immediately feel like celebrities and are the talk of the hospital. The boys are checked out and continue to do great. I also get checked out and have to deliver the placenta (which the paramedics preferred be done at the hospital). After the initial chaos and millions of questions, I get to hold my beautiful boys and savor the moment. I think I'm still in shock at this point, but am feeling great!

We later have the joy of calling our friends and family and shock them with our story, whether they believe us or not. Two days later we are released and the boys "return" home and we start our lives together. We could not be more thankful for the paramedics, our parents, and neighbor for getting us through that night.

Sometimes people start to talk about all the things that could have gone wrong. I can't. My heart can't handle the thought. I just know God gave us two beautiful boys that we've been praying for for a long time. They are healthy and have an awesome story to tell the rest of their lives.


Many things in my life have changed recently, so the blog might as well too! Trenton continues to struggle with ITP, but he's been strong and healthy and we are still hoping and praying that it will resolve itself in time. The sooner the better! But I thought I might as well include the newest members of our family in these updates as well. Of course, I don't have gobs of time these days, but I may update every now and then just to let you have a sneak peak at the craziness that is now my life.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Update (sort of)

After almost a year, Trenton was actually seen by the doctor today. There really hasn't been any reason to see him, since he's staying pretty status quo, but after the last dip, I guess the doc figured he better check him out. But today's numbers were much better, 85,000! I was happy with that!

Doc really had nothing terribly new to say. He still believes Trenton has a chance of just outgrowing this whole thing. He said if it continues at this rate for years though, we'd probably start looking at some other things to do. He's also going to e-mail a buddy of his who wrote many of the articles on ITP and see if he suggests anything different. I would love to hear what he says, but I'm guessing it'll be to sit and wait. We are good at that!

Trenton was so good today. I realized he must pay more attention at my prenatal appointments than I think. He held out his little arm just like I do to get my BP checked. And when the doctor wanted him to lay on the table (which he normally doesn't like to do), he just jumped right up and laid down. I'm surprised he didn't lift his shirt up though. He is such a trooper. He doesn't even flinch when they take his blood, he's most interested in the whole process. He just kept saying he's so brave, which he is! It's really quite adorable to see.

The doctor said there was someone else there recently diagnosed and he's a hockey player, yikes! I told him that's what I worry about, Trenton getting injured from running around, playing sports, etc. But he reassured me that his counts are high enough that we really don't need to worry about it. The only thing he would get concerned about is if we were in a bad car accident or something. But then he would worry about a lot more too! Even then, they would just give him a blood transfusion to get him through. So again, it just made me feel better knowing I don't need to worry too much.

So, we'll continue down this path till next time!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Totally forgot to write about Trenton's last blood test. Although I'm not sure anyone even checks this anymore. But it's a good outlet for me, so I will continue.

So, Trenton went in for blood work last week and I was a little dismayed when the nurse called to tell me he was down to 56,000. Not cool. I have noticed more bruising, but I really did not think it would go that low.

She talked to our doctor and he wants to see Trenton in the next few months since we haven't actually visited with the doctor in about a year. She said it was up to me to come in before the twins are born or after. Hm, I'm thinking of NOT bringing two newborns into a hospital if I don't have to. So, I'll make an appointment in early August.

People keep asking me what else they are going to do. Really, I don't think anything. There's really nothing else TO do unless this continues until he's a several years older (ick), or his counts really drop (more ick). So I'm sure we'll continue to sit and wait and pray.

In the meantime, Trenton is very busy getting ready for his new baby brothers. He is so excited, it's really cute. He loves to pat my belly, feel them hiccup, sing songs to them and pick out things to buy. The cribs are up, which I thought would throw him, but it only made him more excited. He was a little disappointed that there's a crib in our room and he learned they won't share a room in the beginning. I'm sure he'll thank us later. I really think he's going to be an awesome big brother.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Trenton's platelet count is at 77,000. So, it seems as there has been no change since December. But I know better. Last month I was a little worried about him because of a few signs that we're used to seeing. But today it's the same count. My best guess is was a lot lower last month, and it's on it's way up again. But I don't know! That's the most frustrating part! I'm sure I'm just being hormonal and all, but I'm getting sooo sick of this. Well, to be honest, I've been sick of this for a long time, it's just surfacing again.

Tyler thinks I'm insane, but I still get this vibe from our nurse that I'm being paranoid and overprotective. She's got other kids to worry about that are dying and going through chemo and radiation and far worse things that little kids (or anyone for that matter) should have to go through. Trenton's not at that level. I know that and am very thankful for that. But he's still my baby and I want her to know that and not just ignore me. If you say you will call me later to talk about his test results, then do it!! Is that really asking too much?

OK, I think I feel better now. See you in two months when this all happens again.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Trenton's count last week was 74,000. I'm probably not as excited as I should be. He's been looking really good lately, so I was totally preparing to hear a much higher number, maybe even something in the 100's. But, 74 is good. I keep telling myself that.

Tyler keeps reminding me that it's hard to compare when we are only doing checks every other month or so. He could be at a low point right now, and is heading up again. I sort of wish there was a machine that existed that I could check Trenton's blood myself at home, like a blood sugar test. Tyler thinks Trenton's finger would be poked raw from me doing it every day. He's probably right. It's just so hard not knowing what's going on inside your kid's body!

In the closet the other day, I found the helmet Trenton had to wear when when his counts were so low. I had a love/hate relationship with that thing. Looking at it brings back the memories of when this all started, two years ago this month. I looked back at the pictures of his little body just covered in bruises, and another where one entire side of his face was black and blue. It seems like an eternity ago. I debated holding on to the helmet as a memento. Is that morbid? Or is it a sign of how precious life is and how amazing it is that Trenton is well?

I did give it to our nurse last week, thinking another family could benefit from it. But kind of hoping no one will ever need it. But someone will, and I pray that God keeps them as safe as he has Trenton.

(Trenton saying goodbye to the now too-small helmet)